While most studios are sealed off from the real world, we have plenty of windows that provide natural light to help your creativity flow. We have a full inventory of microphones and mic pre-amps of varying character and color, in addition to a plethora of outboard compression, EQ and effects. If you don’t see something you need, we can rent it and have it available for your session.


We use the highest quality Lynx Aurora A/D and D/A converters so you can leave Pro Tools and return with the highest fidelity, while passing through our 16-channel Rascal Audio analog summing console. Our Barefoot Micro Main 27 Gen2 monitors paired with aural room correction software assure your recordings sound just as good in the car as they did in the studio.


Vocal comping, vocal tuning, drum alignment, multitrack editing, audio restoration and cleanup, session preparation for mixing and/or archiving, and more.


We’ve got a great relationships with Nashville’s best session players and can help in the hiring of session musicians for any size project.


We offer in-house mastering upon request. We also have relationships with some of the best mastering houses in Nashille and beyond.


We have a fantastic selection of new and vintage tube mics, as well as plenty of outboard gear to satisfy even the pickiest of tastes.


We have two spacious tracking rooms as well as an ISO booth. Learn more about our studio space.


We offer studio rentals on a day rate. Rental will include an engineer and/or studio representative.


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