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NOTE: We are not currently accepting interns and there are no available positions at this time.

Recording music is a big deal and a good studio space should be part of that. While working out of a basement has its advantages (we started there too) - we’re here when you’re looking to take it up a level.

We’re a studio for artists and engineers.

In this form, we want to know what you’re working on and what you’re looking for. We offer an extensive list of services including vocal compositing, vocal tuning, drum alignment, multi-track editing, audio restoration, and prepping your tracks for mixing, mastering and/or archiving.

We’re owners, engineers and producers.

Whether you’re a 5-piece band that needs an auxiliary musician to add musical flair or an acoustic artist interested in a full-band production, we can help. We have great relationships with Nashville’s best session players, instrument rental houses and mastering facilities.

For larger sessions, not only can we facilitate a choir of 20+ in our large tracking room, we can also hook you up with a Composer and/or Arranger if that’s where the music leads you.

Let’s talk. Visit the studio. Have a coffee and sit in one of our comfy chairs.